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In an original story, The Odd Ballroom takes viewers into the twisted realm of a half-rate circus freak show and into the tormented mind of the man behind it all, the janitor. After a night plagued by disasters the maliciously envious antagonist finds his own place in the spotlight.
As the first animated short to come out of James Madison University's small art department, The Odd Ballroom stands as a true triumph. Two years in the making, this 10 minute short represents the willpower of several student animators working outside the course curriculum to create a film that would launch them out of the University's art department and into the real world of CG.


-NEWS! - last updated 1.31.2008 -

• 1.31.08 • The Odd Ballroom submitted to SIGGRAPH '08 That's right. I just went ahead and did it. I saw the deadline for submissions and freaked (it was yesterday). Version 1 is in but we have until Feb. 27 to make any additional changes. Here's a nice abstract made for the sumission. So why wait until SIGGRAPH to see it? Watch it NOW

• 1.7.08 • Version 1 FINISHED! - A first version of the film is complete and ready to be viewed on this site. It is being called 'Version 1' because the soundtrack uses copyrighted material. Eventually the film will have an original score of it's own. For now, please enjoy this movie that has been 2 years in the making, and don't sue us. Watch the film

• 8.16 • New site just launched!* - Although the actual function of this site isn't available yet (watching the damn movie) you can still check out how pretty the site is and contact anyone you want. *Site is obviously still under construction.

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